Restrictions on alcohol sale/consumptions

   In the beginning of 1919 National Prohibition outlawed the sale of alcohol in America making alcohol consumption illegal. This was done as a wartime measure in order for grain supplies to be preserved for food. This lasted from 1919 to 1933. During wartime the consumption of alcohol declined but after the war ended and specially during the great depression (1929) the sale of illegal alcohol became a big source of profit.

  The prohibition was an example of restrictions imposed on alcohol consumption, this had big societal impacts as well as economic impact.

   In modern times despite being a legal drug there are still some laws imposed to control alcohol consumption. One of the main laws which most countries impose is the legal drinking age, in most countries this is set at 18 years of age (as it is in the UK), in a few countries such as the USA the legal drinking age is set at 21 years of age. In India sale, manufacture/consumption of alcohol is prohibited in some states. In some majority Muslim countries such as Saudi Arabia, Libya and Kuwait production, consumption and sale of alcoholic beverages are forbidden because the religion does not permit it. Another law is in relation to drunk driving, this limits the amount of alcohol a person can consume before driving a car. The permitted blood alcohol content threshold ranges from 0% to 0.08%.



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